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Birds 'n Boots

Unique Illustrations 

Your favourite birds (and their best boots), designed and illustrated by a Bristol-based artist.

Apparel, Prints & much mor

High quality products printed for you when you order. Help battle mass production and support a small business!

International Shipping, no extra cost

Whether you live in the UK, Germany or Australia!

Unique Designs for Bird Lovers

New Limited Edition!


Birds 'n Boots is created and run by Renske, a Dutch artist based in Bristol, UK. She *likes* to think she runs the show, but the true stars are her flock of birds and their favourite footwear.


Every bird is an original hand-drawn illustration, and has its own story and personality. Ever wondered what Gulliver's favourite food is, or how Snacks the Duck got his name? Head over to Meet the Birds (coming soon!).

The birds have kindly modeled for a range of high quality products, from t-shirts to prints, and from sweaters to stickers. Click here to find them all!

I'm always working on new, fun designs and interesting products and love to see the flock in the wild! So:

If you have an idea for a new illustration...
If you have any comments, feedback or suggestions...
If there's any products you'd like to see in the future...

Contact Birds 'n Boots here!

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